Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cat and the Fiddle - King Cat of the Mountain!

1/8 slice of 'King Cat of the Mountain' (Whole cake approx. 1.1kg, $35.20)

This cake from online store - Cat and the Fiddle has got to be our most interesting cheese cake, for we never had it with durian before, and a Mao Shan Wang at that! Usually, we would have preferred the real fruit to its product, so this is an exception. I dislike biscuit base but this is yummy. Just the right proportion of cheese and durian, it is excellent.

Our first purchase from Cat & the Fiddle, and we are placing high hopes to more, from their very affordable and tasty cake's creation.

This has got to be our pet dog's happiest day as he ran around and rubbed himself against me!! after i fed him a bite size of his favorite cheese and durian. No other cheese cake has this effect on him ")

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