Thursday, August 21, 2014

童年故事 - 47 x 50cm

童年故事 - Childhood Story

This is our simplest cross-stitch piece, purchased off Taobao - a China-based website. There are another 5 pieces which will take many years to complete as they were all full-frame stitch - meaning there won't be empty spaces without stitching! It would be tiresome but beautiful when completed. I can't wait!

It is certainly helpful when these new generation cross-stitch sets came printed with washable color markings, making the sewing easier as we need refer less to the instruction booklet for stitch count. It is a lot time-saving. Just 2 full months (20 Jun - 21 Aug) to complete this piece.

Of course, i got careless and smudged the top right corner of the piece with rainwater! I was therefore eager to finish the piece, and wet the entire work to remove the ugly smudges! Can't wait to see the designed colors too!

The cute picture says - "I didn't mean to make you angry." The girl replied, "But sometimes you just made me angry." Oh, so true and candid!

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