Friday, August 22, 2014

Singapore Night Festival 2014

William Close featuring The Earth Harp, front lawn of National Museum Singapore

Singapore Night Festival runs for 2 consecutive weekends (22 & 23 and 29 & 30 Aug), starting tonight. Big and loud drums from ZingO opens the fest with a roar - it was brilliant that drums could be choreographed this way!

Then we catches William Close before walking away; there it struck me. I was alarmed when i saw a majestic visage of a divine figure looking down on us! Something from Ankor Wat? "You see that!?" I was jolting Ric. "Anybody sees that!?" Yes. I was pleasantly alarmed :)

The 7 light projections by Clement Briend on the trees are surreal, and mystic with their playing of ancient music. The night is feeling exciting!

Divine Trees 1

Divine Trees 2

Came back the 2nd weekend when it rained heavily, it stopped and we attended block party at the Armenian Street with the roving brass bands and treats of free durians - plenty for everyone!

Had thoroughly enjoyed the Night Fest! Mood was festive and enthusiastic, drawing much participation from the general public. And the dull city night is enliven!

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