Sunday, August 10, 2014

Desaru Fruit Farm - a mature fruitland!

Farmosa Holiday took us breakfast at Gelang Patah before we arrived at the 180 acres land of the Desaru Fruit Farm. What i thought might be another hot and boring plantation visit turns out to be really enjoyable and educative!

Complimentary fruit packs with visit: 
- Banana, watermelon, passion fruit, dragon fruit, guava, rambutan, pineapple and honey jackfruit!

If you are driving in to purchase their fresh fruits and not to visit the plantation (like so many of the visitors here), you do not pay the entrance fees. We caught glimpse of the fruits on display, and can't wait to lay our hands on them!

But our plantation guide says we tour the farm first, followed by some honeybee honey tasting. And we were taught to drink the pricey Cat's Whiskers tea! I like it!

Our plantation guide with a gigantic Honey Jackfruit

Honey Jackfruit tree

Passion Fruits

We were especially grateful that the mature plantation offers much shade for comfort - under the canopy of passion fruits and cooling alley of leafy fruit trees, we strolled!

Papaya trees and Banana trees, aplenty

Pisang Seribu, Thousand Finger Banana, 千子蕉

Pisang Ornata Pink, 指天香蕉花

Roselle, Hibiscus sabdariffa, 洛神花

Misai Kucing, Cat's Whiskers, 猫须草

Kopi, Coffee beans!

Mulberry, 桑树

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