Friday, August 8, 2014

We Bought A House...

Porcelain piggy from Dad - the day we placed the $1k deposit. 

I never knew the joy of owning a place that i could call my own! A joy that overwhelms my never-ending, crabby paperwork in the office - suddenly i found a new meaning for work.

Suddenly it felt grown up!

FEB 24-28th: Furious house-viewing every other day.
FEB 28th: Viewed our most satisfactory apartment. Picked up a lucky 10 cents coin on my way home, thinking, this must be it!
MAR 08th: Last bargain price agreed. Placed the $1,000 deposit for our new home!
APR 26th: 1st appointment with HDB for the purchase interview.
JUN 06th: 2nd Appointment with HDB. We received our house keys! We are now the official owner :)
JUL 05th: START with clearing and planning of our new house...
JUL 19-21st: Final Paint Job.
JUL 23th: House Washing.

Five month later, that's today. Our home is ready!


Albert said...

Congrats! All along I have thought you are staying in your own apartment.

Beary said...

Haha... No. Thank you, Albert. The COV was too much then, when i was eligible to buy. Only after all these cooling measures and the changes to HDB built policy, can we see a decent price for flats.