Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Redmi Note

Xiaomi Redmi Note, 5.5" (S$199) with tempered glass screen cover

We should be proud. That China smartphone technology is fast catching up with the Korean lead - Samsung. Goodbye to the age of expensive smartphones!

After testing on several lower-end version of Xiaomi phablets, we decided it had to be Redmi Note that doesn't heat up on prolong web surfing. Smooth and fast without a glitch; we have friends switching over from their Samsung Note 3 to Xiaomi for its longer battery life - 2 full days. These heavy users were all praise for Redmi's extended mileage.

Now we just have to see how durable this China phone is... We are rooting for it.

One application i found particularly useful and well-done - Alarm clock. Notice this smartphone can be switched off throughout the night, it will jump start itself at the struck of the clock! How convenient and batt saving. All our previous smartphones had to be left on.

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