Saturday, December 21, 2013

Stamps Collecting - it's out of your era?

This is a familiar, yet bizarre sight as i watched the stamps (cut out of old envelopes) getting submerged in the pail of clear water. How long was it, that i last did this? It was many, many years back.

Today, i was clearing my desk for the new PC. Saw this pack of dusty stamps that was lying around, waiting to be remove it from its sticky back, so i decided to do it - the last soak.

I am finalizing my collection after this.

You know how to do the stamps soaking? I almost forgot. Really.

As the stamps were removed from the water, i was suddenly reminded that China stamps have the most stubborn glue; Japanese stamps are of the smallest size; and as kids, we were most fantasies by the colorful Christmas themed stamps from far away countries, like the States and Australia.

This post registered my nostalgia.

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