Sunday, August 10, 2014

Restoran Grand Straits Garden

Fishball with Seaweed Soup

Dinner at Grand Straits Garden Restaurant (besides Danga Bay) started out dishearteningly simple and light with fishball soup, bean curd and tomato with eggs... but we have to agree they are tasty and nourishes our tired bodies from the long day.

Then came our much-loved seafood - tender squids and crispy large prawns! Disappointingly, a lesser fancied Seabass compared to the freshness of lunch's Snapper fish, and a heady plate of grilled chicken that tastes like German sausages! I'm sure beer-drinking Dad would loves them.

This is a garden restaurant perfectly set for a romantic evening - piped in music, cool evening breezes, alfresco dining under a vast night sky - even the mood of our big group was lightened as we headed home...

Home-made Bean Curd Hakka Style

Tomato with moist Scrambled Egg

Stir-fried Fresh Squid with Celery

Crispy Oat-coated Prawns

Steamed Seabass in Hong Kong Style

Grilled Chicken

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