Sunday, August 10, 2014

Restoran Makanan Laut Sin Kong, 新光

Seafood lunch is the highlight of our 1 day Desaru Fruit Farm tour. Our trusted guide arranged for air-conditioned dining at Sin Kong Restaurant in Pengerang. Google around, you should read about the restaurant good reviews; including this one.

No doubt about the freshness of their seafood and earnest culinary skills. The steamed fish was especially memorable while we craved for some of their bun-sized mantou to go with the savory chili crab gravy.

A restaurant worth coming back on our own.

Fried Lobster

Deep-fried home-made Bean Curd

White Clams with ginger and spring onions

Stir-fried Venison, deer meat

Steamed Red Snapper Fish

Chili Crabs!

Deep-fried Mantou, at own expenses (RM$ 1 each)

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