Sunday, August 10, 2014

Teluk Sengat (Desaru) Crocodile Farm

Before some shopping therapy at Jusco mall, the tour guide introduces us to the Desaru crocodile farm which houses "more than a thousand" saltwater crocodile species; including 1 oldest, largest (more than 155 years) lizard who simply refuses to come out. You will see later :)

Caretakers with metal pole, 'disturbing' the sun-tanning reptiles.

The farm was built in 1979. And our guide thought we could help by visiting, to finance the farm's continuation. Our group really felt welcomed by the caretakers who brought us around, stirring up excitement in the waters for some photo moments! and performed feeding whole chickens to the pack of voracious reptiles!

It was a pleasurable trip and we were happy to be doing something for conservation.

Open pond with crocodiles of more than 155 years old! So many of them!!

The largest, oldest and most stubborn reptile - simply refuse to budge! He is huge! 

Feeding time by the jovial caretaker - we exclaimed!!

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