Friday, January 25, 2013

Sony Xperia J

Sony Xperia J, black ($398)

It is time. Many of us, the first generation smartphone users had came to realize the short life span of smartphones - about a year or 2. So instead of getting another top range model, i opted for a mid range. In any case, many low-end product is getting better.

I could well acknowledge the compact and handy feel of the Sony Xperia J after my 1 year with the bulkier Samsung Note. The reduction from a 5.3 to a 4 inch screen does not hurt one bit. It is impressive how the Sony Bravia engine easily generates a display that matches up to Samsung HD Super Amoled. And for a sound expert like Sony, the sound quality does not disappoint.

The interface and settings option of these new series of Android phones are innovative and very user friendly. All at a mid range pricing.

For a downgrader, the 512 MB and 1 GHz processor may be noticeable slacking to support a Android with demanding Apps but if you are just a decent user, everything works real fine. Plus, i am enjoying the beauty of this phone to be critical about its machine. Life needn't moves too fast, yeah?

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Dhan B. Subba said...

I am fan of Sony. I have Sony TV, Sony Vio laptop, Sony Sound System, Sony NEX-3 Camera and now I have Sony Xperia J. Earlier I was using Sony Xperia Tipo Dual. ThSony Xperia J is really more descent in comparison to its price. Most innovative gadget!