Thursday, January 24, 2013

紅犀鸟, Red Hornbill Kolo Mee

Sarawak Kolo Mee ($4)

This Malaysian noodle stall in the kopitiam at Blk 205 Bedok North St.1 maybe proving its authenticity with tall piles of empty bowls, and many table of customers, all busy tucking into their big pink bowl. Not just for the Kolo Mee, also the Black Sauce Noodle ($4) and the very popular Sarawak Laksa ($4.50).

But maybe next time. We had already ordered, since reading about their Kolo Noodle from the ST Life! section.

You'll immediately notice their very substantial serving of chewy noodle, and after mixing all well in the savory sauce, this has to be our saltiest bowl of Kolo mee. Maybe that's exactly how Malaysian like their noodle? You should appreciate them if you are of a heavier taste buds. I find them rather tasty too, albeit the saltiness.

Oh, and the stall don't do chili sauce to go with their noodles, unlike other places we had patronised. Just pickled green and red chilies that are zero spicy. This well humbled a chili eater, but it is how Sarawak noodle should be, truly.

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