Saturday, February 9, 2013

We are Apple together, finally...

Apple iPad Mini-16GB, 3G ($618) with iPad A6X-16GB, 3G ($828)

On Chinese New Year Eve, we were finally reunited! We had both decided on iPad tablet and it is quite final. Not i who is undecided; but Ric who is more IT-savvy. He has been going from Samsung Galaxy Tab (7.0) to iPad 2, back to Tab 2 Plus (7.0), Tab (8.9), upgraded to Galaxy Note (10.1), Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) while staying faithful to his Macbook Air.

It's not hard to understand why he chooses to stay with Android tablet as Android operating system gives its user more control and selective setting options.

But i didn't fancy the cluster of options and was a convert to Apple iOS 1 years back. Holding an Android phone was more than enough as i had preferred iOS to serve the bigger screen. The switch from iPad 2 to the latest iPad A6X marked my conviction. With a retina display so pretty, it was a meeting too late but not too little - the money should have LONG been spend on this upgrade! (Now Ric is jesting, "Told you.")

My only grouse is the weight of the iPad A6X. At 662g, it is 49g heavier than iPad 2. But at least decent photos could now be taken with the improved 5MP camera.

The iPad Mini is a sleek beautiful masterpiece. I would have chosen it if screen sizes could be compromised. Ric loves its portability and good readable display but noted its shorter battery life compared to the full-sized iPad.

Both new iPad from Ric.

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