Friday, June 27, 2014

1,000 Washes - Laundry Ball

Tra-La Laundry ball ($10 per ball via

I was excited to receive my laundry balls; looking forward to doing "clean washing" that doesn't pollute the earth water than it already is. And 1 laundry ball is capable of a thousand washes! Friend who recommends the product has been using it for past 5 years. But for my family, this is amazing.

Do laundry balls work? I later read online that it doesn't. So i began my own trials...

Test 1 - No Soap, No Softener, No Laundry Balls.
Test 2 - No Soap, No Softener, Laundry Balls.
Test 3 - Little Soap, No Softener, Laundry Balls.

Test 1 and 2 yields identical results, we don't physically feel the difference; with or without the laundry balls, the washing machine does a good wash. In both cases, badly soiled laundry can't be fix.

Test 3 gave a positive turnout - a crisp clean job, with the clothes smelling naturally wonderful and is soft to touch! When we do pre-soaked some of our dirty laundry, no further cleaner will be added to the entire washing. Although we can't see how the ceramic pellets supposedly diffuse molecule cluster, changing hard water to soft and thus enabling itself to penetrate deeper into the fabric for an effective wash. But for sure, clothes does feel amazingly soft and fairly cleaned - the softness can be a result of soft water.

In conclusion, the quantity of cleaning powder in any washing should be reduced; for as in Test 1 and 2, washing machine already does a reasonable job without any cleaner. The eliminated component here is Softener!

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