Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Soon Lee Porridge @ Clementi

Pork Porridge, with egg ($2.80)

This really looked good, don't you think so? 

I wished it was; for the stall has been famously good for 20 odd years in the Clementi Central area. We note that its consistency is less gooey, more watered down than what we had, just days back at Wong's, Bedok.

And our taste buds stubbornly rejected the heavily flavored porridge. Maybe by holding back their preserved vegetables (冬菜) might save us from our sufferings. Or was my Flu symptoms provoking my senses? No, no, i wouldn't have this porridge even under normal condition. 

On the other hand, if you enjoy much flavorsome porridge, like theirs, you'll be happy to know they charge just 30 cents to add an egg to the porridge, while many others cost you 50. And they are generous with ingredients.

Ric helped finished the bowl.

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