Thursday, January 17, 2013

可口鸭饭, Ke Kou Duck Rice

Braised duck, duck gizzards, braised egg for 2 pax ($10)

Mum recommends this braised duck rice stall in the kopitiam at Blk 207, Bukit Batok St.21. The stall wasn't new, i last had them during my secondary school time; remembering them for their duck noodles.

If you like Kway Chap, they have them too.

Yam Rice ($0.50)

Plain Congee ($0.50)

Mum is mesmerize by their yam rice. It is very good indeed; you could eat it on its own and wouldn't stop licking your lips at the same time.

The porridge is finely gooey, of an excellent texture. A real comfort to slurp it in like an accompanying soup. Though we wouldn't exchange it for our favorite stall at East Coast Lagoon, this is surely good enough.

Now at least, we have a 'can eat' braised duck stall in the West of Singapore. Just hold back on the braised sauce that might be a tad salted and into MSG, then you should do fine.

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