Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Indian Cuisine Buffet @ Cultural Hotel

Long grain Basmati Rice

With age catching up, we are finding it difficult to consume much at buffets. Even if we do go, the limited variety of dishes doesn't bother us, as long as the price is proportional to the offerings; it is quality over quantity.

The so-called buffet of just $12 for 2 pax in the Fusionnel Restaurant at the Cultural Hotel is actually a fixed a-la-carte menu that  is serve onto your table, you could then request to replenish whichever items you like for second.

Curry Mixed Vegetables

Chicken Masala

When the clean pot of warm basmati rice was served, it seems to promise of more good things to come. It was indeed, as we tucked into the succulent chicken and savory vegetable pot.

Naan and Papadam Crackers

Dal Tadka

Cracking the crispy papadam crackers and scooping up rich chunky bits of lentil with the freshly baked naan; this had become that perfect meal. 

Never mind the so-called 'buffet' which we expect more of.

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Anonymous said...

i bought the buffet deal too for 2 pax $12 nett. The food was a disappointment. We went there for dinner on a sat night & arrived at 715am. On our 1st self service, crackers were all gone. Very limited choices of food (only 1 meat dish, no fruit juice as indicated on voucher, just very diluted squash) & they were not replenished fast. Not worth even $6 nett & effort made to travel there. Will not recommend this restaurant to anyone.