Thursday, December 27, 2012

老二, Lao Er Teochew Porridge

Steamed Pork Belly ($3)

This is quite a famous Teochew porridge stall in Bedok North Market, Blk 216. The lunch queue is constantly long but moves fast. One of the 'must-eat' here is this plain-looking pork belly meat.

I was qualmish about eating it at first... ... but it does taste so good! Reminds us just how pure meat should be like. And i'll return, especially for this.

Lunch order for 2 pax, 3 porridge ($13)

The meal which includes one big steam fish is affordable, albeit a tad over-cooked fish. And do be cautioned that their stir-fried dishes tends to be more salted and oily; when ordering at the stall, look out for the lighter options.

With this precaution taken, i'll come back for my white porky belly.

Steam Fish

Bean sprouts with long beans (oily, saltish)

Long beans Omelette (oily, saltish)

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