Thursday, December 13, 2012

可采, Cortry Face Mask

My last piece of Cortry Face Mask ($2)

Dead tired these days; after a bath, i just had to lie down and do NOTHING. Slaping on a face mask at such time is heavenly, as the moisturizing essences penerate by gravitational force and you feel the skin slowly tighten. Ahh...ahh...

Tired was i; had only kept the torn wrapper for you. This is my last pack of 12.

I repeal our usual face mask that tends to be of milky and slippery lotion, Cortry from Sichuan China is water based and has a light herby fragrant. It feels natural. And it should be, as it was said to formulate from ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine like the Ling Zhi, Almond and Pearl Powder.

Maybe we all have reservations about China product, me too. But I enjoy the lightness of the Cortry face mask in our humid climate and just had to cross my fingers about getting the genuine product.

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