Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pat's Pastry - Cheese Cakes

Smoothly, dense cheesecakes from Pat's Pastry. Their kitchen was overwhelming with orders for the year end and we got these through their online reservations.

Patty was warm with our email exchange; all smiley when we went to pick up the cakes on a rainy day, and help sliced the cake neatly! Slicing cheesecakes can get so messy at home! We appreciate this.

And considering our price halved after utilizing a Groupon, there's no trading-off the quality of their cakes. Good Honesty. Good Cakes. The Forest Cheeze is a delightful surprise.

Forest Cheese, large, 12 cuts ($47)
Part Chocolate Cheese with plenty Cherries, and part Amerian Cheese.

Party Pack - Mixed Cheeze, 9pc ($10.50)
A mix of American, Blueberry, Marble Cheesecakes.

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