Saturday, December 22, 2012

Yum, Thai Street Food

NTU canteen 2 undergone a recent revamp to introduce some new food stalls. The Western Barbeque was gone and replaced with that of Thai cuisine.

You have a choice to make your meal a set that includes sides of papaya salad ($2.50, ala carte) and choice of 1 fried chicken wing or Thai fish cake. But was told that 'set' was not available today as they had ran out of wings and fish cakes. So good business?

Well... The papaya salad left much to be desired, while the Tom Yam soup is just passable. It does carries quite some ingredients though - small prawns, chicken pieces, crab stick and straw mushrooms.

Grilled Pork Rice ($3/ Set $4.50)

Grilled pork is the exceptional one. Taste a little sweet and has an aroma of our Bak Kwa, or Satay!? All's perfect with the plain rice that was doused heavily in Thai green curry.

This grilled pork reminisces our good time on the food streets of Bangkok.

Tom Yam with Rice ($3/ Set $4.50)

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