Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some Good Korean Movies...

My Sassy Girl (2001) acquaints us with Korean movies. It was our first Korean movie and impresses that the Korean has some good script writing - giving a twist to the plot, stirs the soul and induces laughter from their wealth of Korean humor.

Thus begins my relationship with Korean films. Below were 5 memorable ones i wish you watch, including of course, My Sassy Girl.

Hello Ghost (2010), 开心家族
The story started off with a man's multiple failed suicide attempts and after the most recent one, began seeing a family of ghosts.

It seems a simple enough plot and i didn't see it coming until nearing the finish. Not wishing a spoiler for you, let's leave the story to unfold itself. A heart-warming comedy.

Champ (2011), 冠军
Champ is about a former race horse jockey who became partially blind after losing his wife in an accident. A limping horse stood by him as they race to win their last Cup.

Inspired by real-life story of Korean racehorse Luna (露娜) who debuted in 2004 at the Pusan Gyeongnam Race Park and went on to win 13 of 33 races, this is an inspiring and touching story.

For once, i realized that encouraging words are more helpful than comforting ones. It was said, "Life is not Giving up; be Steadfast and Persistent". 人生是不放弃坚持到底。

Watch the full movie here, Youtube.

The Classic (2003), 假如爱有天意
A romantic film that was beautifully shot to tell the love story of a mother and her daughter. A bitter-sweet ending to the mother's romance while the daughter's completed the circle.

Below's the full movie, Youtube.

Spellbound (2011), 我的见鬼女友
Spellbound is a horror, romantic and comedy, all in one. While one couldn't imagine running good horror element in a romantic story, this film director does it relatively well. It fact, the idea was refreshing.

A magician falling in love with a woman who is haunted by ghosts. A seriously revengeful ghost. Now, what does it take for love to overcome fears?

The full movie here, Youtube.

The Front Line (2011), 高地战
It was said that the earth was divided by invisible lines that separated the countries; lines that determine territories and were guarded at all costs. Thus sets the scene for this story at Aerok Hills where the hills determine the dividing line between North and South Korea.

For this reason, fighting for the control of Aerok Hills continue despite ceasefire negotiations - the 1953 negotiation that dragged on for over 2 years. With the hope of end war dangling on one end; getting killed on any other day seems more real. This was the tormenting reality for the soldiers.

I have had my share of war films; including the recent TV series of The Pacific, 2010 (HBO). The Front Line can be equally good, or better than most English production. No doubt the best making from Asia.


Filebook said...

my sassy girl is one of my favorite korean movie so far.

Mary said...

I wanna watch the movie "Spellbound"? It's so nice.