Monday, December 10, 2012

Sakura Buffet - As good as it gets!

Everybody knows Sakura Buffet Restaurant. They were like our neighbourhood buffet outlets that most took for guaranteed. But we and our colleagues like it here; and we held our annual gathering here, almost every year.

Being so familiar with their signature dishes; it's easy to plan our appetite to have all their best offerings. And it's commendable that standards had been maintained throughout these years. In fact, i find food standard improved over last year's.

The Japanese Sashimi and Sushi sections were always dependable. This year, it costs us some Carbo as the sushi looked really colorful and tempting. And i was almost subdued by having a Temaki.

Japanese Grilled Salmon Fish Head

Given the amount of salmon needed for sashimi, the kitchen was left with some really good salmon fish heads! These were my very favourite!

Best on the menu would be their braised salmon fish head which i had at their Omni Theatre outlet, that was the best; most memorable! Today at Admiralty Park, there were only the grilled fish heads, but i needn't stay disappointed for they too were scrumptious.

Seafood (Prawns, Mussels)

Green Salad Bar


Cooked Food Plate

The 'Sakura Special Noodle' was worth some Carbo too. It reminds you of sweet Mee Goreng but was much more flavored. We couldn't help having 2 helpings. I think kids would love it.

Beef with Black Peppercorn

Beef Satay

The cook was careful with their beef and it turned out real well. Love the beef satay!

Oreo Cheese, Marble Cheese, Moist Dark Chocolate, Durian Puff, Japanese Grape Jello

And you really should reserve some appetite for Sakura's dessert. Fine Cheese cakes, Durian Puffs and a selection of ripe fresh fruits - couldn't bear missing them although i had planned to keep my dessert quota for Ben and Jerry's only.

Cappucinno and Latte

Ben & Jerry's - New York Super Fudge Chunk, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Fudge Brownie

With Ben & Jerry's ice-cream thrown in for the buffet, don't you think it's worth every penny of the $23+ per pax lunch? A ice-cream buffet with main course!

Barely 2 days passed, and i am ready to repeat the meal again ;)

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Beary said...

Revisit Sakura at Clementi Woods Park and food standard is obviously down from our previous visit. A saving grace that this outlet carries lot more flavors of the Ben & Jerry ice-cream.