Saturday, May 28, 2016

Brunch at Jalan Benaan Kapal - Singapore's Oldest Food Centre (Pt.1)

The Canteen Building

Jalan Benaan Kapal (Malay for "ship building road") is a street near Tanjung Rhu and Geylang. Little known to many, here lies the last of Singapore's old-style Kopitiam. Two stretches of one storey low rise offices lined the street, all of them with flat rooftops. So when you spotted a pitched roof building, that's when you steered into the free parking compound of the canteen.

We were initially drawn by the 50 cents kopi offered here, but we soon discovered that the place has more to offer. There are only 10 stalls; and most doesn't have a name, they go by stall no. 1-10. Here we start on part 1!

On the Part 2, we'll look at the Muslim stalls.

Breakfast Set, without Toast ($1.60)

Stall No. 1 - Drinks and Kopi Breakfast Set

Stall No. 1 and 10 serve cold drinks and coffee, but we thought only Stall No. 1 offers half-boiled eggs and toast? Because everyone gets them here. The hawker uncle works slow, but his coffee is the one you should go to.

We love it too, that the eggs were served, de-shelled.

Fried Bee Hoon Mee, added Fish Cake ($1.30)

Stall No. 3 - Economic Fried Bee Hoon, Steamed Dim Sum and Kway Chap

If you are early, and the Kway Chap is not yet really (only available after 10:30am), do order some of their fried vermicelli first. Many do this, while they kopi and chat, waiting for the Kway Chap.

Nobody is in a rush. This is a Saturday after all.

Kway Chap Set for 2 pax ($6)

Stall No. 7 - Chicken Rice, Braised Meat and Chicken Feet

Chicken rice, or if you fancy an alternative - bowl of braised chicken feet to accompany some fried stuff like the ngoh hiang and fish cake from the stall. They have some glutinous chicken feet for you to suck on!

Braised Chicken Feet ($2)

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