Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buzzing Cashier - 19 熟食快餐

Episode 5 of Buzzing Cashier2 bought us to the TV featured Hokkien Noodle stall at Blk 127 Toa Payoh Lor. 1, #02-19.

While the initial crowd might have thinned since airing of the programme, it does seem strangely quiet here at the busy lunch hour of 1 o'clock.

Fried Hokkien Mee ($3.50)

Being skeptical though, we ordered just a plate to share.

And Ric got his noodle as soon as he ordered? A wok of ready cooked noodles was in waiting, he said.

And true to all who commented, the selling point of this Hokkien Mee was really just its chewy Udon-like Noodles and 'sea fresh' tasteful gravy.

Their weakest link would be the use of substandard ingredients. The squishy Prawns and Fish meat used are going to cost their business dearly...

Anyone with a weak stomach like Ric will suffer stomach burns and make a run for it.

A wasted effort of their mentor, Chef Eric Teo.
And of all our support :(
Infuriating indeed.


Anonymous said...

i went and joined the crowd soon after the TV show. they ran out of the Mee and substituted it with instant dry clay pot mee. owing to the huge crowd, they did not pay attention to the dish. for 3.50 $, i got a few pieces of the seafood. everything was just flatly laid on the plate (that tells how much food there was ). the taste did not impress me at all and told myself on the spot that this is not a place for second visit. so you are saying the ingredients used are not fresh these days. no wonder the business has dropped . tasty food and value for money are 2 important success factors. sad !!

Beary said...

I go down to these stalls when the crowds had got over them, when they are less busy.

If they couldn't dish up a proper recipe during these off peak, then they just couldn't make it - in my sense.

Thanks for your comment. It just ascertain my review of them.

Anonymous said...

I went down today and i dont really think its that bad. taste good.
I live near toa payoh and that location usually have less ppl around, those who went over to eat are mostly buying hokkien mee.
I rmd there are 1 prawn, 2 fish meat, 2 pork meat, 2 vege and 2 lala, and tt noodle are specially orded, not cheap, damn worth it for 3.50 le. chicken rice vith chicken drum stick also cost this much lo.
sometime i dont understand y so many ppl have bad review for this hokkien mee.