Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Frost - New Menu!

You certainly need some frosting up in this Summer heat...

Not talking about plain ice frosting (like Ice Kachang) but flavoured cream shaving like Ice-cream, yet of finer texture. Mmmm...

Am so glad Summerfrost @ NTU (Canteen 2) is opened during Saturday; another great haunt for our Weekend chill out.

Missing them since April, they now have a full color display of their menu, more sophisticated looking counter and noticeably slight up in pricing.

But still more economical than eating at their newly open East Coast Road outlet.

血色浪漫,Red Velvet ($3)

Having had their Mango Mania previously, we having the Strawberry themed today. It's Milk Frost icing topped with fresh Strawberries, showered with Strawberry Puree.

Looking sweet and overly syrupy but it isn't the case. Everything was well proportional.

7 Flavors of Snow Frosts for your own Mix & Match creation too, namely Milk, Passion Fruit Frost, Champagne Grape, Peanut, Green Tea, Black Sesame and Chocolate Frost!

Imagine, eating cream snowing of these Flavors! In addition to your selected toppings!

I'm bringing Mom here next!

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