Sunday, July 8, 2012

Breakfast at Gelang Patah

Breakfast isn't exactly late but we were famished after gathering the tour group with 
Farmosa Holiday for our $79 1 Day UK Farm Tour. Clearing the tight traffic leading to the Malaysia custom with thoughts of food over the causeway did no help.

So when the tour guide announced our arrival at Gelang Patah, a popular breakfast stop-over for tour buses. Ric hasten towards the nearest coffeeshop that sells Wanton Noodles. Cos i love Malaysia Wanton Mee!

Wanton Noodle (RM$4), price update in Jun 2015 - RM$5

Then Ric finally appeared with our bowls of Wanton Mee!! Hippe! Yummy! And a surprise order of springy fried kway teow noodles!

Char Kway Teow with Cockles and Prawns (RM$4), price update in Jun 2015 - RM$5

Carrot Cake (RM$4), price update in Jun 2015 - RM$5

Chee Cheong Fun with Fish Cakes and Beancurd skin (RM$5.50)

Fried Fritters (RM$2.50)

In fact, my breakfast group grabbed all different food from the nearest stalls and we shared! When we couldn't finished these fried fritters and curry puffs, i happily packed them away for nipping on our hour long trip to the UK Farm. I'm a glutton, today :)

Do remember to have this squarish fried fritter with white glutinous rice, it tasted awesome! And a cup of thick coffee from the same corner coffeeshop to go with these!


ABY said...

If you are visiting GP for breakfast again, don't miss out 星和粿条汤 at the middle of this stretch of shop houses. Go for the big bowl, easily the best kway teow soup in GP. Their fried fish cake is good too, with real fish taste!

Beary said...

On my first visit, i saw a crowd at your mentioned stall. On my second visit, it was on their rest day, so we never got to try yet :( But thank you for your confirmation, ABY!

ABY said...

I think it is worth another visit to try them out but avoid the peak period of 8-930am during weekend and they usually close before 5pm. May be you can also try out one of the few seafood restaurants in GP which are very popular with Singaporean, if you have not done so.

Timmoti said...

Hi there, I would really love to visit this place at GP but do you have the exact address? Searching for Kedai Kopi Kai Sing only brings me to an outlet near the woodlands checkpoint.


Beary said...

Sorry for this lateness, Timmoti. Found this address for you. 2 Jln Medan Nusa Perintis 8, Taman Nusa Perintis 281550 Gelang Patah, Johor.

The map here ->,103.5961302,18z

Hope it's useful :)

ABY said...

This place is called "Kim Tong New Food Court". Just use Google to search and show on the Maps, it will display its location correctly.