Friday, March 25, 2016

Biocos Swiss, Pure Black Olive Smoothing Shampoo

Biocos Pure Black Olive, 800ml ($8.90)

Biocos Swiss, isn't a hair shampoo from Swiss. Salesgirl from Swanston @ Chinatown was honest to tell us when inquired. She explained it is a repackaged product. A search on the internet revealed its place of origin to be Guangdong, China (Mainland). So there's really no telling the amount of pure olive oil we could expect in this bottle.

Identity aside, the shampoo has a soft feel on shampooing. I feel it between the fingers. Compared to my Korean Organia shampoo which is double the price, the Biocos falls behind. But it will do. The man like that it is light, lesser moistening, yet not harsh like many commercial shampoos. It is also cheaper. So this identity chaos of Biocos is forgiven for now.


Dreamer said...

Hi Beary,

Any chance to find out from you where you got this shampoo? I used to use it but i cant rmb where i purchased it from! Thanks!

Dreamer said...

hey..actually i just read again and saw that you mentioned the place. Thanks!