Saturday, June 28, 2014

光沙爹, Kwong Satay (Jason's Place)

Pork Belly Satay ($1.20 per stick)

Was anticipating Ric's pleasure when i discovered this satay stall (#01-54) at Changi Village Food Centre, Blk 2; for they serve the special version of pork belly satay!

But the cooking was disappointing - The sticks were burned, with the most priced portion - the fats, not thoroughly cooked for a crisp well-done. Obviously, the fire wasn't ready for a barbecue, or the server was in a hurry with brisk business running up a waiting time of 30 min.

It could have been perfect, from their tasty marinating to the peanut sauce with pineapple puree; but we couldn't finish this serving.

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