Sunday, June 29, 2014

发记, Fatt Kee - Fried Bee Hoon & Charcoal Boiled Porridge

TV appearances never fail to send the masses to inconspicuous little stalls; even when it has been weeks ago where Channel 8 featured the Queen Street Market and Food Centre on their Tuesday Report - Where We Connect 3 《生活气场3》, today's queue seems longer than usual.

The documentary spoke of their charcoal boiled peanut porridge, and the fried vermicelli by the 86 year old Cantonese Granny! And indeed you should. These are the 2 jewels of the stall.

I am much looking forward to return for their fried vermicelli, and to pack some home! It tastes different and is especially delectable; selling out fast by 10:30am! It was expensive though, serving was pitiful at $1. The porridge tastes just as special, albeit being much watered down.

Together with some thickly good local coffee from their next door - Hang Kee - 唐记茶室, we were like back to old times Singapore...!   

Fried Bee Hoon ($1), Chee Cheong Fun ($1), Yam Cake ($1), Rice Dumpling ($1.80)

Charcoal Boiled Peanut Porridge ($1)

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