Monday, June 9, 2014

Where To Tonkatsu?

Tampopo Original Layer Pork Cutlet Set ($20++)

We were torn between Tampopo's and Saboten's Tonkatsu - Tampopo offers flavorsome  Black Pig (Berkshire) with standard Tonkatsu sauce while the latter captivates us with its special Tonkatsu sauce with grinded premium sesame seeds, but serves only regular meat. Which shall prevail?

After today, it become clear that dipping sauce plays a vital role in a Tonkatsu meal. Without the fragrance of grinded sesame seed in the dip, the Tonkatsu bite left much wanting.

On a separate note, Ric was clever to stick to his Black Pig cutlet. I had thought my layer pork cutlet to score on juiciness; but everything yields to the firm flavor of a Black Pig.

Tampopo BP Tonkatsu Kyushu Ramen ($16.80++)

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