Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Qigong and Yoga

Nine years of Yoga practice, i finally decided the switch to Qigong after a month of intense Health Qigong - a system which comprises some oldest Qigongs in China.

A month without Yoga. I was unsure. Today the body was feeling a little weary and tense, so i lay out my mat and start the hour routine - this was when i observed improved body flexibility! I was able to reach out much easier than the month before! With that, i too realized the tough pulling actions of Yoga exercise versus graceful and gentle Qigong movements. Of course, years of Yoga stretching exercise does help lay a good foundation for practice of the Qigong.

Our 1 hour of Health Qigong runs the course from 1)Yi Jin Jing - Good stretching exercise to loosen the stiffen muscles (this feels more effective and safer than the Sun Salutation!), 2)Wu Qin Xi - Massaging our 5 major internal organs through physical movements, 3)Liu Zi Jue - Massaging our major organs through breathing exercises driven by 6 verbal pronunciation, and 4)Ba Duan Jin - Repairs and heals the body of internal injuries.

I strongly affirms its health benefits as the body felt "awaken" by the proclaimed circulation of Qi and strengthening of the internal organs! My weak digestive system improves most significantly. Praise God for this magnificent body indeed!

Do experience the marvelous effects of Health Qigong; the below official videos by the China Sports Council shall aid your work-out.

Yi Jin Jing (易筋经) - Muscle-Tendon Change Classic (12 routines),
developed by ancient Indian Shaolin monk Da Mo (達摩).

Wu Qin Xi (五禽戏) - Five Animals Movements (10 routines),
developed by ancient Chinese physician Hua Tuo (华佗).

Liu Zi Jue (六字诀) - Six Healing Sounds (6 routines),
written by Tao Hong Jing, ancient Chinese medicine doctor.

Ba Duan Jin (八段锦) - Eight Pieces of Brocade (8 routines),
passed down from ancient China.

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Beary said...

I have been practicing Yoga with Qigong concurrently, for 5 mths now. Cos given my sedentary lifestyle, gentle Qigong is insufficient to work the lazy body. Adopting both exercises help increase my metabolism as the body ages.

So i do encourage you to practice them both, together.