Sunday, June 29, 2014

道记, Toh Kee - Number One Roast

Toh Kee is undoubtedly legendary in Singapore.

They are definitely one of the oldest stall in People's Park Complex Food Center; famous for classic Cantonese-style roasted meat cooked in an antique brick lined oven! and staying popular among their dieheart regulars - the hawker charges high, with prices starting from $4; so it seems their customer base don't grow.

Referring to their price list, we were charged an extra of $1 today, making a total bill of $12, and we don know why?

Twin Mixed Roasted Meat Rice, Char Siew + Pork Ribs ($6)

Roasted Duck Rice ($5)

The roasted duck is sweet and juicy but served on without crispy skin; so there ain't reasons for guests to make a sweltering trip down Chinatown, paying extra bucks for it. The char siew and pork ribs were ordinary; dry and tough - even one of the Chinatown uncle sitting with us is complaining; another table didn't finish his meat. 

We guess their roasted pork belly might be good; several customers were asking for it and being told it was sold out. Us included.

So we were finally at the legendary Tok Kee today.

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