Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waraku Set Lunches 2014

Gyu Don (Beef Bowl) + Pork Ramen ($10.80++)
Katsu Don (Chicken) + Hot Soba ($10.80++)

Much as we wanted to boycott Japan goods (because...), we were at Waraku today for economic reasons - they serves a neat selection of A+B (Noodles + Rice) lunch menu. And since adjusting prices up from $9.80++ per serving, food standard has been substained.

These 2 donburi are our favorite. If you are visiting, avoid the shoddy pork Ramen and boring hot Soba; go instead for their chilled Cha Soba or hot chewy Udon which are our usual. If you are visiting a Japanese restaurant; try make your $$ worth.

Gyu Don (Beef Bowl)

Katsu Don (Chicken)

Hot Soba

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