Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sony Tablet P

Sony Tablet P ($399)

The folding Sony Tablet P feels like my new clamshell purse that fits into the pockets ingeniously. It fills the palm like a good hand glove; so much that i love holding on to it. Its 372g is featherlight compared to my big screen iPad 4, making it a joy to carry it about.

Of course, the tablet which constantly wears a belt in the form of its hinge-based design does take some getting used to. You now no longer slide the entire screen effortlessly, unless you had learned to, but to control your touch within either 1 of the dual screens. So it does perform some Apps function awkwardly, but we get around it.

Most importantly people who like watching movies on their tablets will never accept this tablet which breaks their picture in half. For me, it doesn't matter. Because the pocket-size tablet serves very well as a communication tools and a music player. Besides, watching movies on any 7" screen isn't a luxury.

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