Friday, May 10, 2013

手拉手, Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant

小笼汤包, Mini Steamed Bun, 5 nos ($4.80+)

Due to the influx of China men in Singapore, we are easily pampered by good and low priced Chinese dim sum. And this makes it doubley hard to justify the more expensive but similar dim sum from their Taiwanese counterparts.

Today, we are in Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant, Jalan Besar main branch for their Groupon offering of $12 for $25 deal. If you spot future offers from them, remember to buy, for their food is effortlessly good by our standards.

With the exception of their hand-pulled noodles; the broth is a comforting delight but has much MSG.

三鲜韭菜盒子,Chinese Chive Puff ($6.80+)

三鲜韭菜锅贴, Pan Fried Seafood Dumpling ($6.80+)

香辣加州牛肉汤拉面, Noodles with Braised Meat ($6.80+)

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