Friday, May 31, 2013

Kim Gary @ City Square JB

Iced Hong Kong "Yuan Yang" (Coffee+Tea)

It was all for the different dining experience; and of course, the favorable exchange rate that we took the trouble of crossing the border to Johor Bahru. The City Square JB Mall had just under went some renovation with several newly added restaurant; sounded exciting right?

But we still ended up at Kim Gary, for their most affordable lunch menu and hassle-free dining. For we were tired and thirsty after the morning of hurrying about, and just wanted an easy-to-decide lunch, not forgetting their large glass of iced coffee that comes with all their set meals!

Food was nothing fanciful, but it certainly felt decadent having Hong Kong-styled instant noodles with fried chicken wings, ham and hot dog. We rather enjoyed it; and all at such low price.

Yorshin Noodles Set with - Ham, Sausage, Chicken Wing, Fried Egg (RM$9.50+, S$3.82+)

Mark Six Curry with - Rice/ Spaghetti and 1 Cream Soup (RM$14.90+, S$5.98+)

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