Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Burger King Mushroom Swiss XL

 Large Coke, at East Coast Park ($3.20)

Just for 1 day, Burger King gave out free XL sized mushroom Swiss burger with purchase of 1 large (32 oz.) Coke. And we had to be here; whether this a gimmick or not, cos we are fans of their Whopper and Mushroom Swiss. Still, it holds true that curiosity does kills the cat.

The 2 slices of Swiss cheese are awesome! But the flatten and dried out beef patty left much to be desired. It is an XL patty, in terms of diameter; with the smallness of their regular burger bun and this is probably the same amount of meat that should form a burger patty of decent thickness.

But the value of a $3 lunch with drinks? Not bad lah.

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