Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Canon EOS M VS Sony NEX-5N (In Restaurant Yellow Lights)

Our previous trial between the duo with their pancake kit lens seems to say that Canon provide a more superior kit lens package to Sony.

Today, Sony was mounted with the newly purchased E 35mm f/1.8 prime lens to better contest the kit lens of Canon EF-M 22mm f/2.0. As per our usual practice, both cameras were set to Intelligent Auto and we were ready to go - to Mad for Garlic restaurant.

Spicy Meat Dipping Pizza ($19.40++)
Dipping Pizza topped with fresh Rucola and herb garlic in creamy garlic sauce and served with spicy meat sauce.

Spicy Meat Sauce - Korean styled

Suicide Rice ($19.70++)
Special fried rice with diced octopus, squid and various kind of spices.

Whose photos do you prefer? 

We guess many would be drawn to the brighter pictures by Canon? Me too. Initially. On second thoughts, we favor Sony's darker shade which brings out the feel of atmosphere; it was also closer to the actual lighting condition of the restaurant. This might just be what that separates Sony and Canon users.

In their fully automatic mode, Sony compensate dullness with higher ISO while Canon does it by lowering aperture, thus the more bokeh (blur) photos produced. You should notice that Sony here display more of its background than Canon, dues to this reason.


doni said...

i like the color of eosm on that photo of hand.
can you suggest the setting for nex-5 to match that kind of color that eosm makes?

Beary said...

You want to try making the same setting of Canon (1/30s, F3.2, ISO1600) on Nex-5?

But of course, light settings of your environment will play an important part too.

doni said...

@Beary : i am tossing to buy between those cameras.
is it possible for the nex-5 to imitate the color of eosm?

Beary said...

Should be yes. But by manual setting, not by automatic setting mode.