Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fujifilm X10

Fujifilm X10 ($899)

Too much of reading Clubsnap forum led the man to believe that a high-end compact camera could actually perform on par with a mirrorless DSLR! Heheh... Anyway, it's an interesting experience to learn that compact camera is still very much a compact, no matter the advancement in technology.

I liked the antique look of the camera, though.

We are not displaying photos we took with the X10, after pitting it against the Sony Nex-5N as the differences are palpable; we do not need close observation to tell that the X10 takes on the back seat. X10 does give very good details of subject but also an unreal color tint. Note that both cameras are of the same price range.

X10 on Intelligent Auto mode.

X10 on Sunset mode.

Nex-5N on Intelligent Auto mode. (Similar shots when on Sunset mode)

Before we discard the X10, today is a final test on sunset scene to show you what we meant by 'unreal color tint'. Both equipments were set on Auto mode to trial out their image sensors. And as always, the X10 fails to translate the nature color of its subject. .

The picture that best represent the evening sky light was the shot by Nex-5N.

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