Saturday, May 4, 2013

风味小厨, Changi Village

Changi Village, stall no. 01-83

We went round and round the bustling Changi Village Hawker Centre but could not decide on what to have; or rather, which is good to have - comfortable seating, good food and short waiting time does sounded like asking for too much on a Saturday night? But all is not lost.

This new cze char stall which Ric screened is located away from the block that houses the vitality of the many Nasi Lemak stalls and popular Chinese food. We thus have a sitting area that is airy and of lesser commotion. With a hawker who is kept confidently active by his steady stream of food orders; this seems close to what we were looking for.

Bean sauce Bittergourd with Angoli Fish head ($12), Oyster Omelette ($6)

It was the exact of what we had wished for; especially after we tasted their home-styled cooking.

The egg omelette is fluffy and oilless, swelling up with 6-7 plump oysters. Even when i started with just the bare omelette, it was easy to detect hints of oysters freshness. Ask for their belacan chili to go with this!

But the star of the ocean is their Angoli (红哥里) fish head; stir-fried in flavorsome bean sauce that was perfectly concocted - not too salty and not too bland, lest it become uninteresting.

An odorless and deliciously fresh fish head; the fish-eater (me) had to share her portion with the non-fish-eater (Ric). The dish is better than what we usually ordered from Guang Xing - the ever popular cooked food stall in this same hawker centre.

We really enjoyed the awesome fish head - fine meatiness and gooey goodness like a rich BBQ Stingray dish. It is lip-smacking! Home-cooking at its best; all done without Ajinomoto.

Dining out on weekends doesn't have to be like on ground zero :>

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