Saturday, June 1, 2013

酉川, Yew Chuan Claypot Rice

Like prisoner on death row, i was craving for some exciting food this weekend - seeking out some fun before committing myself wholeheartedly into the new job that starts Monday.

Claypot Chicken Rice, for 2 pax ($10)

A tremendous smokey flavor swept us as we roam the basement level of the Golden Mile Food Centre; i got really excited by the thought of having Claypot rice for dinner and chose a table that sits directly in front of the stall - never mind the smokey air, for i'm enjoying the whiff that seems to promise good food...!

After a good 20 mins wait for the charcoal cooking, the sizzling pot came and Ric got down to work - moisturising the tender chicken pieces with dark soy sauce and separating them on a plate before he worked the rice which i had doused with oil and dark soy sauce - as much as i like!

And nobody would bat an eyelid, when you desperately scrub off the remains of the deliciously burned rice at the bottom of the claypot. Yum.

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Beary said...

Stall had shifted to level 1, #01-73. Still drawing a good crowd.