Thursday, May 26, 2016

天翼海鲜, One Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Taiwanese 3 Cup Chicken

$48.80+ Set Menu (Weekdays only)

This was lunch at One Ocean, which ran a brisk zi-char business at the Toa Payoh Industrial Park before relocating to the Mandai Connection building at 7 Mandai Link. At Mandai, they operate a air-conditioned restaurant beside their al fresco Kopitiam.

For the love of steamed fish, i selected Menu B from their weekday set menu (Available for lunch and dinner). But friend was skeptical, and warned if the affordable pricing could deliver a fresh fish for steaming? She has a point.

So when the fish arrived, we quickly took a bite and was relieved. It was very fresh. So good, i could enjoy the sweetness of the tender fish's stomach without any bitter tasting. We wiped off everything on the plate, except for the three cup chicken because of the heavy seasoning. Nonetheless, we are definitely looking forward to return.

Steamed Pomfret 'Hong Kong' style

Chinese Spinach in Superior Stock

One Ocean Home-Style Beancurd

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