Saturday, February 20, 2016

5 Eats in City Square Mall, JB

Having our good share of news about noxious crimes in the JB state of Malaysia, Johor Bahru City Square Mall is probably the furthest i would dare venture alone across the Singapore Causeway. The mall is a Singapore investment sited next to the Malaysia custom office, and prices are not exactly cheap; in fact, many of the franchise stalls here actually boosts the highest price tag among their outlets!

But the mall does provide a good get away from our everyday places. And here are 5 eating places we enjoyed during our recent visit; we are planning for a revisit soon.

1. Ho Seng Kee Wanton Mee, 何成記云吞面 (Level 6, Lot J6-07)

A good light breakfast starts here, at the rooftop air-conditioned terrace. It was worth it for the noodle, a nice bouncy texture that you would never get it at $3 in Singapore. Just gotta complete the meal with a Kopi though.

2. AhGong Laksa, 阿公辣沙 (Basement 1, Lot MB-02C)

Maybe breakfast was too light, or it was our gluttony, Ah Gong Recipes managed to draw us with their promise of a good hot bowl of Laksa soup!

3. Kimdo BBQ, 金都串串烧 (Level 3, J3-19B)

Craving more bites, we succumbed to some BBQ snacking at Kimdo. Oh, the fresh squids and chicken wings dipped in sourish, spicy sauce! And we had our most thirst-quenching drink here.

4. Season's Cafe (Level 2 , Lot J2-37 & 38)

On some day, a decent set meal in Season's Cafe, aka Malaysia Swensen's. They just might be having more dedicated kitchen chefs than Singapore's? You will not regret.

5. Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul,  槟城律驰名潮州煎蕊 (Level 3, MF-19A)

And the last shall be first.
This is a must visit for their incredible chendol and rojak! Read more here.

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