Tuesday, February 9, 2016

MA CHERIE Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner by Shiseido

Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner Travel Set, 50ml each ($8.90)

For the longest time, i was repulsive towards moisture shampoo and conditioner. In our humid weather, they drag down my thick rough hair after a night's sleep; by the next afternoon my hair starts feeling and looking lumpy. So i tend to stick to 'everyday wash' shampoo.

These days, i was too much in the sun and running into the cool dryness of the strong air-conditioning - i think my ends might be splitting? So when i don on the luxurious shampoo of Ma Cherie, i immediately felt pampered! Just a size of a twenty cent coin has been enough to produce a cheery mass of sweet laundering for my short cropped bob. The hair feels soft, moisturized and airy till the next evening. It feels and smell wonderful.

Then i plucked up the courage to try the conditioner; for this blogging. The dollop on my palm disappears as soon as i applied it on my hair! This is so unlike our usual conditioner, so i added another dollop, and the same thing happened. Nothing much was left to be washed off! This time round the hair felt really moistened but still light.

I am saving the conditioner as a weekly treat for the hair. And am earnestly sourcing out the cheapest shop that houses this moisture shampoo from Shiseido, Japan.

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Beary said...

Found the cheapest buy for the shampoo at Swanston in Chinatown, see http://www.vulongtran.com/2014/01/where-to-buy-cheap-toiletries-in.html

500ml large bottle is selling at $11.80 only.