Thursday, February 4, 2016

A.B.C. Kway Chap Braised Duck

Kway Chap Platter for 2 Pax ($6), Kway Chap x3 ($1.50)

An aromatic whiff of braised sauce allured us to the stall this late afternoon as we strolled the ABC Brickworks Food Centre in search of food. Never mind that there doesn't seem to be any patrons around the stall; Ric was sure his senses do not lie.

So there we have it, their kway chap platter. And as we dug in, customers start streaming in for their braised duck rice. Both packing away and eating here. Are we missing something? But the kway chap is also not bad what? 

Not willing to miss out on any good food, we came back swiftly on the second week, just for the duck rice. And it does explain its popularity. It was a satisfying plate.

Duck Rice Set ($3.50)

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