Monday, February 1, 2016

Curry Gardenn at Turf City

Fish Head Curry, Angoli Full Fish Head, Spicy ($26++)

Few Indians curry fish heads impress us. There are the Muthu's and the Karu's that we like; and Curry Gardenn doesn't quite fit the rank yet. The curry today registered a blank index for spiciness; I wondered, did we ordered their non-spicy option by mistake? And i wish my fish yields a more supple texture.

But it was here that i was treated to 'fish brains'. We cracked open the tiny skull and retrieved delicate pieces of the tiny tissues! I'm just short of showing you a photograph of it.

More than ever, i was drenching my Biryani rice with tangy yogurt which i enjoy. The fresh Papadum crackers with appetizing chutney sauce becomes the highlight of this meal.

Papadum serves with Chutney

Raitha - Yogurt with Onion, Tomato and Spices ($3.50++)
Biryani Rice ($2.50++)

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