Friday, February 12, 2016

Kimdo BBQ, 金都串串烧

Why is BBQ food bad for us?

Barbecuing causes the surface of food to become contaminated by smoke - the smoke emitted contains poisonous gases, such as carbon monoxide and PAHs. For people on the go, we simply do not care about scraping the black bits off the meats to reduce PAHs. And business at Kim Do BBQ was too good for the server to bother about the strong fire that causes the burn.

Our last stop at Johor Bahru City Square was at Kim Do where we eat at our own risk. Sinfully enjoying their signature 'Single Bone Chicken Wings' and 'BBQ Fresh Squids', dribbled in special hot sourish chili dip! Then hoping to justify our wants with some freshly squashed Balonglong fruit juice, served with a preserved plum fruit - surely this detoxify us? Else it quenches our thirst most explicitly!

Kimdo Single Bone Chicken Wing (RM$1.90, S$0.65) x2
Taiwan Eryngli Mushroom (RM$2.50, S$0.85), Crispy Bean Curd (RM$1.60, S$0.55)

Local Fresh Squid, RM$16, S$5.40 (RM$12, S$4 per 100g) 
Fresh Balonglong Juice (RM$5.50, S$1.80)

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