Thursday, October 1, 2015

番薯粥, Sweet Potato Porridge - Nostalgia cooking!

Remember the old Sixty Stalls (六十摊) Food Centre at Corporation Drive? I was fortune to come by some 15 years ago, when my immediate boss took me for a first-day-work lunch at this Teochew porridge stall. Which i later found out, this was their favorite lunch venue.

The original stall owner had since retired, and his younger helper (also an old Teochew man by now) took over his passion and work at the Taman Jurong Market Food Centre. But some things never change, and cooking skills just get better with time when you stick to old recipes! 

I couldn't quite put my fingers on it, but the plain looking cabbage and bitter gourd dishes were really flavorsome! I have to come back for my fix! Soon.

Teochew Steamed Fish, Teochew Fish Cake, Bitter Gourd with Eggs, Cabbage with Vermicelli. 3 Porridge. ($19)

Add +, Braised Pig's Skin and Intestine ($3)

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