Friday, October 16, 2015

Top Beef, 一哥牛腩

Stewed Mixed Brisket with rice (left, $6.50), Stewed Beef Brisket with rice (right, $6)
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Most of us avoided food courts, don't we? Reasons being the more expensive food pricing and the less than appetizing food offerings compared to those at old hawker centres. Today's visit is somewhat different, as we are revisiting a stall we knew from year 2008-2009.

During those years, Top Beef was operating on the roof top food court in Marina Square Mall before it moved out quite suddenly. By chance, Ric located them in the Feast Kopitiam, at level 3 of Jurong Point.

Am glad to see that business is still as good, or even better because of the heavier human traffic here. If you loves stewed beef, this is a must try stall.

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